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Document automation for knowledge workers
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We have every component available to automate your most important documents.

Smart Document Generator

By incorporating knowledge rules, it is no longer possible to generate incorrect documents. When creating documents, users are guided to produce documents as an expert would.

Document Editor

Automating documents is a work in progress. For full control, you can edit documents using our document editor without leaving Your changes are always highlighted against the standard texts

Dossier Managment

All drafted, pending, and signed documents are clearly displayed in the user menu. An advanced search function ensures that any contract can be found immediately.

Digital Signing

Signing can always be done digitally. The digital signature consists of a combination of the account, signature, and unique audit trail, ensuring complete authentication and legal validity.

E-Commerce Platform

With's E-Commerce platform, you can supply your documents online to consumers. Integrated payment and digital signing allow you to focus on your expertise while consumers create their own documents.


With the white-label functionality, the platform is fully styled to match your own look and feel. Your clients will recognize your brand, ensuring the best possible adaptation of your tools.

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single licence
/ month
Saas Starter Plan - Saasy Webflow Template

The perfect plan for single business or knowledge workers that want to automate their knowledge based documents.

Dossier prices apply
  • 1 User
  • 1 Organisation
  • Smart Document Generator
  • Document Editor
  • Dossier Management
  • Digital Signing
  • Audit logs
  • Automated Email Notifications
additional upgrades
  • €55 extra user
  • €100 extra organisation
E-commerce licence
/ month

A great plan for Knowledge workers that want to provide their documents online via their own E-Commerce solution.

Dossier prices apply
  • All Single License Features
  • 15% Dossier Bundle Discount
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Online Payments
  • E-commerce Analytics
additional upgrades
  • €45 extra user
  • €75 extra organisation
Server licence
/ month

The solution to provide your knowledge on a greater scale to multiple users, organizations and clients.

Dossier prices apply
  • All E-Commerce Features
  • 25% Dossier Bundle Discount
  • Whitelabel
  • Dedicated Url
  • Dedicated monitoring
  • Custom Portals
additional upgrades
  • €35 extra user
  • €60 extra organisation

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We love to share our success stories.

Single Organisation.

DVO uses to create and store all of their sponsorship contracts. Through the years DVO has created many contracts with various persons. Due to the standardisation of these documents all outputs have been equally good and complete.

E-Commerce - Real Estate
Website is the perfect example of an e-commerce client. The purchase agreement is automated and is provided to consumers to sell their property without the need of an real-estate agent.

Server - Financial Services

The DocDigi platform is fully based on the technology. DocDigi helps financial advisors to automate their advice summary into a readable and fully compliant document. DocDigi created a new businessmodel based upon our scalable software.


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